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SafeSesh® Classic Collector Series

SafeSesh® Classic Collector Series

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SafeSesh® Classic Collector Series

Due to high demand, please allow 1 week for making.

The SafeSesh Classic is exactly like The Original SafeSesh®, but with a clear cap. Elegant and beautiful!

Note that this clear Styrene cap is fragile so the Classic is being sold only as an art and collector piece. If you decide to use a Classic Line 'Sesh (you should), small cracks will eventually appear on your cap due to overtightening or dropping. 

Let's just say this one is more for looking than touching, but over here we think the hairline cracks on the cap add to the charm. This Sesh is completely functional either way and looks beautiful with the clear cap. 

Each SafeSesh is handcrafted with love by our small team of makers. We use multiple materials from raw, 2nd hand, and recycled sources. No two are alike, each made by hand in the USA using supplies mostly found in craft stores. Each will have their own unique qualities and beautiful imperfections.

Each SafeSesh includes 20 feet of full flame hemp wick. Ten feet are rolled onto the WickWheel™ spool holder and an additional 10 feet are supplied in the packaging. 

We have set a max quantity of 1 per customer. 

1 3/4" Wide X 3 3/4" Tall 

Materials: Wood, Glass, Rubber, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Styrene Plastic, Epoxy Resin, Polyester Felt, Hemp Wick

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